Characteristics In My Book

71Bczp+dH4L.jpg (748×1133)We all have characteristics right? From being sneaky to being obvious and being confident and jittery. Characters in books have characteristics, too.  We all need characteristics because they describe who we are.  If we didn’t have characteristics we wouldn’t be us and we wouldn’t have any uniqueness. Characteristics makes us special from being sneaky to obvious and being confident and jittery.  I am reading The Golden Compass by Robert Pullman and there are two characters that have interesting characteristics.

One character in the book is Lyra.  She has many characteristics. She is bold because she went to a place in here school where she is not supposed to go and if she gets caught, she would be beaten.  Another characteristic she has is adventurous because she wants to go on an adventure with her uncle unaware of the dangers.  A third is that she is flighty because she was going to play tag but got distracted and went exploring a basement instead.  She is also warlike because she was in a group and she was fighting other schools like Gabriel College and the Brick Burners.  She is also curious because she wants to know what dust is.  A final characteristic is that she is determined because she wants to know more facts about dust than anyone else.

Another character is Lord Asriel.  One characteristic he has is presence because he is the most noticeable in a crowded room.  A second one is that he is very strict because he told Lyra something and he did not waver to her side. He seems that he is cold because it says that there is cold laughter in his eyes.  Another characteristic is that he seems powerful because his face seems to not be patronized or pitted.  He is also calm because when he was supposed to panic about someone using dust,  he just stood there all calm with no panic in him.  His second to last character trait is that he is intimidating because when he is in a  humongous room, he seems like a lion in a small cage.  His last trait is that he is agile because his walk is balanced and perfect like a animal.

We all need characteristics because they describe who we are.  If we didn’t have characteristics we wouldn’t be us and we wouldn’t have any uniqueness. Characteristics makes us special from being sneaky to obvious and being confident and jittery.

Those are some characteristics of Lyra and Lord Asriel from the book The Golden Compass.



China And Russia

shutterstock_182332070.jpg (1000×667)          We all know that countries have specializations and things that they need right?  Some countries have a lot if oil but they need cars and some countries need cars but have cars.  There are many countries but lets think about China and Russia.

Those two countries could be excellent trading partners because they have what they both need like oil and machinery.  They would be trading constantly while getting what they need while using money but, they would get it back for what they trade unless one of them have trade taxes so good for one but bad for the other.  That is how they would be good for each other.

One scenario would be if that Russia has a new type of power (electricity).  China would not be able to trade with Russia because they have there own things so they would not need oil.  Soon they would not trade with each other.  They would have no oil until Russia has a ton of new power and when they trade it with others China would probably not know haw to work with it for years.  So they might not have a good time with power for a while.That is what would happen if Russia had a new power.

If Russia’s oil machines stopped working China would probably have to trade with other countries.   With Russia having to trade with other countries constantly to get oil the countries would raise the prices of oil.  Russia would raise the taxes of the people to get oil and soon the people wold have no money and they would riot for money and oil.  That is what would probably happen if Russia’s oil machines stopped.

Now you know what would happen if Russia had a new power and if there oil machines stopped working.  You also know why there good trading partners.  That is how trading would go and other things with China and Russia.

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The Wilderness Must Be Explored Cacaa Caw Rawr


The Wilderness Must Be Explored     

Kawkaw Rawr

By Jude Schaal

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There are many national parks in America such as Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons, Zion, and the Grand Canyon.  One popular park is Yosemite National Park in California.  There are five must do things there. One must do is renting a bike and riding around Yosemite Valley and it will be worth it.  Another must do is to hike the Mist Trail. It lives up to it’s name at a certain point.  A third thing to do is to stay in a tent at Half Dome Village.  A fourth must do is to hike to the top of Sentinel Dome, it has a 360 degree view of the park.  The last thing to do is to hike the John Muir Trail. John Muir walked all over the west and fought to save the wilderness.
These are the top five must do things in Yosemite, From bike riding to the John Muir Trail. Yosemite is a special place. It’s a quiet green place filled with views of nature. Everyone should see this national park at least once in their life. The wilderness must be explored

My Article For The Newspaper

pile-of-newspapers.jpg (1000×650)Everyone reads the newspaper, right? We all know that it’s about events, weather, and sales.  Well we are making our own section in the newspaper Tomahawk Tribune. Our goal is to wright interesting articles for the people in Salt Creek Intermediate School. I will tell you what I want to contribute and what I want from the newspaper. I will also tell you what role I want in the news paper. Finally I will tell you what Tomahawk Tribune has been in the past.

First, what I want to contribute to the newspaper is that I want to give my unique perspective because I have been across America with four states to burn. I will contribute my accuracy on whatever I write because I have at least done it twice and loving it at the same time. I will contribute my details because I love everything I have done so I will remember it greatly. I will want nothing back in return because I will have a fun time doing this and that is what counts.

Second of all, the roll that I want is just to be a writer. I want to be a writer is because I see myself that I will be making a article in the newspaper. I don’t want to be a editor because I am not very good at fixing things and I don’t know what  a good article looks like because I’ve never seen one in a newspaper.  I don’t want to be a photographer because I don’t know what will be good with the articles and I a not very good at fashion.  I do not want to be a publisher because I want to write not publish.

Tomahawk Tribune has been a newspaper for Salt Creek for about a years now!  It has been a pleasure for the students with wacky articles about riddles, puzzles, jokes, things to do in your life and so much more.  It has been a once a month or once a nine weeks thing.  That is what I want to contribute and want back and what person I want to be doing this magazine and what Tomahawk Tribune has been in Salt Creek.



How I Want My Year To Be

You know how Gandalf and Frodo’s goal was to destroy the ring? And Luke and Leia’s goal was to destroy the Empire?  Well, I am not them and their goals aren’t mine, but I do have ones of my own. They may seem small compared to theirs, but they’re big to me. My own goals are  to be less scared, getting stronger so that I have abs, and to get good grades.

One goal I want to work on is being less scared. Icould go downstairs and get on the bicycle and watch tv with the dogs. I could also stay inside our house and play games with the dogs while my parents have gone to town. That is how I can be less scared.

Another goal is to get abs.  One way is that I can ride the bicycle downstairs for one hour and thirty minuets.  Second of all I can do laps around the house.  Third of all, I can walk down to the barn and back.   That is how I can get abs

My last goal is to get good grades. The first way is to practice things at home. The second way is to make flash cards and practice them over and over. The last way is to learn ahead of time. That is how I can get good grades.

Being less scared, getting muscles, and getting good grades are all of my goals for this year. These are not as difficult as Indiana Jones’s goal to find the holy grail, find the crystal skull and the ark, but there going to be hard for me.


Youtube Suggestion

Do you like YouTube? If you do then I might post some things about some good episodes.I would suggest Iballisicsquid  No Man’s Sky, Minecraft(of course), Absu, Roblox and lots of other things.Please take this advise and even though I didn’t be specific it’s hard to explain what there about.

My Favorite Book

In the car  driving in Colorado after visiting the bookstore Bookies,surounded by mountains, I read a book called The Novice. It is a book where a orphan named Fletcher with his caretaker Berdon.He discovers that he has a ability where he can summon demons and cast spells.At this he goes to a school where he can learn more spells. With his lizard demon Ignitus he learns more spells and summons more demons.Its characters are Fletcher,Berdon,Ignitus,Seraph,Atlas,Rory,Othello and many more. It caught my eye because it is fantasy. My opinion is A 100/100 and they should totally make more books. That is what my most favorite book that made me ignore mountains and other stuff.the-novice-cover.jpg (200×298)











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Book Entry

The book that I’m reading right now is Merlin The Eternal Flame. It is Book 11 in the Merlin series.  In Avalon, a magical land where every magical creature lives, there is a new threat. A crystal called venglano that is meant for destroying instead of creating like elano does. It is in Kulywich’s hands and he’s using it to make Rita Gawr into a dragon so he can take over Avalon and worlds beyond. Only Tamwyn, Elli, and Scree can save Avalon. In their dangerous journey, they might encounter a few surprises.

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Welcome-Sign-Board-Picture.jpg (620×465)This blog is for my language arts class,Learning with Love.  My name is Jude and this blog is about my opinion about books. This will be about what I’m doing in ELA.

I am reading Merlin Book Ten called Shadows On The Stars. It is a thrilling adventure about a kid who was washed ashore from the sea with a woman. He has no memory about who he is or where he came from. Until one day he discovers that he can do magic. Wit’s his only known identity as Emrys he sails far for a far away place called… Fincarya. There are earlier books in the series that are about other creatures that go along with the story (Trust me it’s good!)

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